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Did you know Tower Garden is a product of The Juice Plus+ Company? The mission of Juice Plus+ is to Inspire Healthy Living Around the World. We have an incredible line of products that make Healthy Living Easier and Tower Garden is one of them. You can earn extra money as you inspire healthy living in others.

If you enjoy the healthful benefits of Tower Garden and would like to share them with other people, we invite you to become a Juice Plus+ Partner. It’s a great way to earn extra money and enjoy other benefits, while building on your passion to inspire healthy living among your friends, family, and community. 

Juice Plus+ connects people aspiring to a healthier lifestyle with one another.

We invite and pay consumers of our Tower Garden and Juice Plus+ products to share them with other consumers through a unique combination of direct sales and e-commerce.

Happy friends standing on a terrace. Group of young women throwing confetti.

Use and Experience Tower Garden Products

It all begins with experiencing the healthful benefits of using a Tower Garden first-hand. When your business is your lifestyle, it’s amazing what you can achieve.

Submit Your Juice Plus+ Partner Application

Let the person who shared Tower Garden with you know you’re interested in becoming a Juice Plus+ Partner. He or she can help you fill out and submit your online application. It’s only $52 a year, with no inventory to buy and no purchase requirements.

Start Growing With Others

Growing your Tower Garden or Juice Plus+ income is simple. You’re not limited by a fixed schedule, or how much time you have to devote to the effort from week to week. You share Tower Garden with others as you go about your daily life.

To learn more about the Compensation Plan, talk to the person who shared Tower Garden with you, or contact us.