School Gardens

Welcome to Tower Garden, where learning comes alive through the magic of vertical gardening! Our innovative growing system is revolutionizing education by bringing the wonders of agriculture, science, and technology directly into the classroom. With Tower Garden, your students will embark on an exciting journey of exploration, discovery, and healthy living.

Nourishing Minds and Bodies

With Tower Garden, it's not just about knowledge — it's about nourishing both minds and bodies. By growing their own fresh and nutritious produce, students develop a deeper appreciation for the food they eat and the impact it has on their well-being. As they witness the growth of vibrant greens, succulent herbs, and juicy fruits, they'll be inspired to make healthier choices and develop lifelong habits that promote wellness.

6 Reasons Tower Garden Is a Great Teaching Tool

You’ll grow more in less time and with fewer resources.

Tower Garden uses aeroponic technology, which - compared to soil gardening - has been shown to increase yields by as much as 30% and triple the speed of plant growth, while only using 10% of the water and space.

You can grow inside the classroom.

Grow lights allow you to garden indoors all school year long, which means bodies (and minds) don’t have to leave your learning environment to grow.

You’ll have less mess.

Compared to traditional gardening, there’s less hassle and cleanup with Tower Garden, because it doesn’t use soil.

You can move it wherever learning is happening.

You can wheel Tower Garden from the classroom to the cafeteria to the playground—and pretty much anywhere else your students are!

You’ll get growing support.

Lesson plans, growing guides, FAQs and more - The Tower Garden website is packed with useful information. Plus, Customer Service is just a click or call away, happy to help troubleshoot any problem you might have.

You’ll get free access to lesson plans.

With 30 CCSS- and NGSS-aligned lesson plans and learning materials for Pre-K through 7th grade, incorporating Tower Garden into your curriculum will be easy. Click here to view.

Take the First Step Towards a Thriving Classroom 

Are you ready to transform your classroom into a dynamic learning environment that nourishes minds, bodies, and imaginations? Start your journey with Tower Garden today. Learn more about the educational benefits, and discover how you can join the growing community of schools that are embracing this groundbreaking educational tool.

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